Like beauty is in the eye of the beholder, such is perfection to the individual. And if there is one thing one can say about Anneli Adolfsson as a photographer, she is a unique non-conformist, driven by passion, perception and people from all walks of life. "I love working with celebrities and any person who has a diverse persona for that matter. It is exhilarating to capture the essence of a human being at that one particular moment you shared in time.", Anneli elaborates.

Ms Adolfsson has traveled the world; Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Japan, Qatar, Hong Kong, Europe and Scandinavia, always on a mission to deliver what the client requires and with a cherry on top. From the jungles of Borneo to the temple grounds in Bangkok, the alley ways of Manhattan to the glorious cityscape of Dubai, count on Anneli being there. She continues: "The constantly changing and evolving backgrounds generates a source of fuel for my thirst of alluring creations."

Fearless, compassionate and like the energizer bunny, Anneli Adolfsson never tires in her quest to position her camera in intricate angles. The likes of Aerosmith, Marilyn Manson, ZZ Top, Korn, Incubus, Joan Jett and many others have experienced her high-pitched voice screaming "Fabulous! Gorgeous!, while jumping around faster than a speeding bullet, appealing to the person within, and doing so effortlessly. A true artist at heart, that's Ms Adolfsson.

A Picture Perfect World According To Anneli Adolfsson

And the photographs have a reality for me that the people don't. It's through the photographs that I know them. Maybe it's in the nature of being a photographer. - Richard Avedon 1923-2004